SolarFlow Balcony Power Plant Set with 4 Flexible Solar Panels


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Hoymiles Microinverter+2*420W Flexible Solar Panels


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Zendure SuperBase V Balcony Power Plant Set


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Zendure SolarFlow (Without Solar Panels)


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Zendure Solarflow Add-on Battery AB2000 (1920W)


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Zendure SuperBase V Battery Balcony Power Plant Set


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Zendure Add-on Battery AB2000 (1920Wh)

Easily stack up to 7680 Wh, larger capacity and less space.
Get ready to bring the heat and embrace an electrifying winter filled with boundless energy!

Incredibly Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible photovoltaic modules, which can be bent by 213°, perfectly adapt to the curvature of round balconies.

Supported by Hoymiles

Enjoy hassle-free connectivity and flawless performance, making it the ideal choice for a user-friendly experience.

Shelly Enabled

Through the Zendure APP, you can integrate the corresponding products to realize real-time performance monitoring, intelligent power adjustment and other functions.

Zendure Satellite Plug

Real-time monitoring and managing your energy output by simply one click.
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